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About Kumar "Kumz" Bent

Embrace Your Passion

I grew up in the "Country" Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, out of many, we are ONE.  My passion is music of course, singing, song writing and producing all types of Music.  I love to collaborate with many various Artists and Musicians from all over this World.  Check out some of our Musicians Friends on You Tube, our Good Friends, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, iKong the Legend and many More Famous Artists! Give Thanks, Kumz 

Live Life in Song

I have written many songs and lyrics for various Artists in and out of Jamaica.  Pretty much eat, sleep and breath Music.  After receiving the Grammy Nomination for "Everlasting" (Raging Fyah's 3rd Album) it really pushed me forward into a new and exciting direction.  Our Local Festival "Wickie Wackie Music Fest" will be an Exciting Time! Follow Facebook & Stay Tuned! 

Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love all of the amazing Countries and Cities I have toured to with Raging Fyah, really has given me a clear vision and so much inspiration... honestly I am inspired everyday, by my Son "Chai", by my surroundings in Jamaica and all the good people in my life, Respect, Kumz


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Kumar Bent

Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica


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